Music Update

Whew. It's been a while since I've forced a music update upon you, my dear readers. But you asked for it.

OK, so you didn't ask for it. But here it is anyway.

PIANO: Piano has been weird. The main reason for this is that my practice time has been encroached upon by that unwanted time-eating ogre, Real Life, and my progress has thus come to a near-halt. I'll be playing the Mozart one final time at next week's group class. The Dett is coming along, despite the fact that I'm only able to allot it five- or ten-minute spurts of time throughout the evening. And I'm not going to start anything "new" for some time. I've decided to have Deborah "monitor" my progress as I work on the wedding pieces I'll be playing for the July wedding. None of the pieces are (is?) particularly hard, but I think I'll probably play them a lot better with her help than otherwise.

COMPOSITION: Oh, how I love composition. Oh, how I love theory. Oh, how I wish there were more hours in the day. I need long, langorous hours for theory and composition.

This week, I'm working on some composition exercises using something called "pedal point," in addition to using all of the other concepts I've learned. I'm also analyzing a piece from Mendelssohn's Songs without Words (No. 9 in E major, Op. 30/3). It's a challenge. We've analyzed bits and pieces of things, but this is the first actual complete piece of music that I've been asked to analyze. Parts of it are easy, but there are lots of accidentals in there, so that makes it more difficult to analyze as a whole.

"Adagio Thing" has been ignored of late. This is very, very sad. I'm planning to devote a good couple of hours to it tonight. But I also started writing the music to a Thomas Hardy poem. I didn't pick it out. Just opened the Norton Anthology and started making up music to the first poem I laid eyes on. (I do this sometimes. It's fun.) I liked what came out of the piano, so I wrote it down and would like to expand on it.


LISTENING: Lately I've been listening to John Prine, because we're going to see him in concert this week. I haven't listened to much at all at work today. It's been very busy, and I don't really like listening to music when I can't concentrate on it. Poopy old work. Always getting in the way of auditory pleasures.


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