Drastic Measures, and Composition News

Well, folks, it's been a pretty nice weekend here in western North Carolina: good weather, good friends, and lots and lots of exploring with music theory and composition. Alas, dear friends, one thing has marred the loveliness of this weekend:

I dusted off the scale and stepped on it. And I somehow seem to have gained 12 pounds in the last year.

It's time for drastic measures. Enough whining about the sedentary nature of my job. Enough of blaming my inertia and fatigue on depression. Enough of never finding time for exercise. Enough, enough, enough.

Twelve pounds. That's more than 10% of my body weight. Even though I'm not fat, and even though I'm still in my "weight range," twelve pounds more than my "normal weight" is not good news. The pounds must go bye-bye.

Starting today. This minute. Now.


Ah, yes, I was talking about the good weekend. Weather was great, but I didn't go hiking because I had plans to meet some friends for ... I can't say what for, because, for me, it involved crafting a surprise Mothers Day present for Mrs. Gwen.

I spent most of yesterday working on music composition, though. Here are some things I worked on:

"I Look Into My Glass," which is a song based on the Thomas Hardy poem
'Lovely Derivative Schmaltz," which is my attempt to make something better out of a melody I wrote when I was 14
"Awful Tune: Augmented Sixths" and "Awful Tune: Piano Arrangement I," from the workbook

I got a lot done. Of course, when I play through everything, it's really just a few measures, but still, they are measures that would never have been written if I hadn't taken a nice, big chunk of a Saturday to do them.

So life is good. I'm going to exercise a lot today. Twelve pounds, start packing your bags!


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