Comments & a CD

Comments: My commenting hero is Jeanette. She answers every comment that is made to her blog. I try, but I don't always manage to do so. I love getting comments, though, so I'm going to try harder to respond to them. If you are taking time to comment, dear readers, then I may as well take time to respond. That's my opinion of things, anyway. :)

So I've responded to all of the comments for the last few days. Nothing exciting or brilliant--just my way of saying thanks for dropping by, and for leaving a note.

CD: I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but it's gotten buried in the blogging extravaganza I seem to have been having over the last few weeks. Anyway, Forrest Covington, a blogging composer and fellow North Carolina-dweller, has finally seen the release of Masterworks of the New Era: Volume Five, which includes his composition, Anagoge. I just ordered my copy. Don't forget to order yours.

It's a-gonna be a good Saturday.


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