Monday, April 18, 2005

Been Practicing? Week 2 Totals

Some of us have.

Here are the Practicing Pact results for Week 2. Some of you seem to have dropped out (or just haven't logged your practice time), so if you need to add minutes for the past week (April 11-17), go ahead and add them here and I'll adjust the totals.

So far, this weeks participants were pianists Waterfall, Dulciana, Sparrow, Kim in ON, and Little Princess; double-bassist Pei Yun; and oboist Hilda.

Big congratulations go, once again, to Pei Yun, who had the most minutes (380)for Week 2. Dulciana came in second with 207 minutes at the piano, and Hilda was third with 190 minutes on the oboe. Everyone else is close behind, and we all logged at least two hours this week.

Dulciana, who put in five days working on Beethoven's Pathetique sonata among other things, wins the "most-days-practiced" recognition. The rest of us (except for thumb-injured me) practiced four days a week.

Not bad for busy people whose lives have a way of getting in the way of music!

Last week, we had Em, Joe, and John S. entering their minutes. What happened to y'all, huh? :-)

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