Another Oboe Blogger

I thought Patty was the one and only blogging oboist, but I was wrong.

Hilda is an amateur oboist in New York who first picked up the oboe last December. I've only read a little bit of her blog so far, but I've already found some posts I really like. Like the one where she says:

I feel as though the dam that was holding back my creativity finally burst and now I'm filled with all this positive energy and at the same time a great sense of peace.There is some fear also. Fear that even after giving this my all I will never make it to the level that I want. But you know what, that's a gamble I'm willing to take (Wow, I'm even accepting risk! Who am I?). There is no way for me to know how far I can go unless I give it my all. I have a feeling I won't be disappointed. Besides I know that in this case I will be able to appreciate my personal odyssey regardless of where I end up.

And this:

So I've decided to try to chronicle my journey [through the blog]. About how an inner city girl picks up the most sublime instrument at an age when she should have already found her thing in life. Watch how I slowly but surely become part of a new world. A world I always thought was closed to me. And how I put together the other pieces in my life to accommodate this new love.Should be a fun, life-long trip.

Her (very touching) story about finally finding her true instrument, the oboe, is here.


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