Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mrs. Gwen

To those of you who pray, please pray for Mrs. Gwen. She's my sweet mommy, and she has to undergo some scary medical tests tomorrow.

The thought of her being sick makes me start crying right here in Cubicle Land. So I am hoping that nothing serious is wrong with her and that she'll get a clean bill of health.


daisymarie said...

You can count on my prayers!

and hugs too!

Emrah said...

Everything will be fine, I hope. Worrying won't help. She will need your emotional support. So, your prescription: For the following couple of days, No Chopin, No Schumann or any other Romantics! George will be your nurse and you'll take some joyful Mozart pills.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'll pray, and I'm sure my family will as well. She's going to be fine, I know it.


Jammie J. said...

(big hug) Praying for your mommy.

Songbird said...

Waterfall, you and your mom will be in my prayers. I've been there in the cubicle with mine, long ago.
I pointed Pure Luck to Not Yet and Macon Track's site, thanks for that, and also for the Bach quotes. There is no other music that is so spiritually clean, somehow, and that note about "SGD" says it beautifully.
Rev. Mrs. Pure Luck

A Circle of Quiet said...

You have my prayers.

Take care,

Waterfall said...

Thanks so much, all of you. I will keep y'all posted on how things turn out.

Kim said...

When God knows I need to comment, He smiles on blogger!

Dear, dear, waterfall, my thoughts are with you and Mrs. Gwen.

I'll be back to check later.

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