The Countdown Has Begun

Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday is this month.

In honor of my beloved, bewigged, and bejowled one, I'm going to attempt to write at least one Bach-related post every day.

I've already posted one today. I'll make up for yesterday by posting another one now.

If you have interesting Bach trivia you'd like for me to include, just e-mail me at infpeace(at)gmail(dot)com. (Also, I'm not the world's greatest expert on Bach, so if I get a fact wrong, please let me know.)

Yesterday's Bach post for today consists of a fact, and a joke.

Here's the FACT:

Johann Sebastian Bach was married twice (his first wife died) and fathered 20 children, ten of whom survived childhood. His most famous composer-children were Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel, and Johann Christian.

Here's the JOKE:

Q: Why did Bach have so many children?

A: Because his organ didn't have any stops!

Bonus fact: In his day, Bach was more known and respected for his organ knowledge and virtuosity than for his ability to compose music.



I found you at New Christian Blogs. I like your site. You have much to share in your notebook. Keep on blogging.

God bless you,
Soldado De Oracion
oceanskies79 said…
Hi Waterfall, this is lovely. I'll look forward to your Bach-related posts.
Malcolm said…
Have you heard Lara StJohn play Bach's violin concertos? It's electrifying. Found on and you can listen for free
Q: Why did Bach have so many children?

A: Because his organ didn't have any stops!

Also, he practiced on the virginal in the attic.
Waterfall said…
Soldado De Oracion: Thanks for stopping by!

oceanskies79: Glad you enjoyed the post. More Bach to come!

Malcolm: Thanks, I'll give it a listen!

Forrest: Har har har har har! :-))

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