A Battle of Wills

Music and I got into a fight this weekend. Music kept its cool, but I delivered the final, crushing blow tear.

Who won? Probably Music. Who lost? Me. And my checkbook. Hopefully my replacement music will come in soon.


I have an entire book of the music of R. Nathaniel Dett. Want me to send you a scan of Juba?

Those fourths are a bitch, aren't they!
Waterfall said…
Forrest: Yes, that would be great! It would save my piano teacher the trouble of having to order another copy.

The fourths are a royal pain, but so are the key-signature changes every few measures. I don't know which is more annoying! Truthfully, though, it's a fun piece, or at least it will be a fun piece once I'm able to play it at a decent speed. (It will be fun ... won't it?) :-)
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