Hoodie Hoo!

Hoodie Hoo! Hoodie Hoo! Hoodie, Hoodie, Hoodie Hoo!


daisymarie said…
What a "hoodie" hoot!

I love the ideas for chasing away the winter dolldrums.
Bluegrass Mama said…
Well, I didn't shout Hoodie-Hoo today, but I am wearing a hoodie--does that count?
Bluegrass Mama said…
I forgot to mention that Michele sent me!
honestyrain said…
since you got skipped at michele's i thought i'd stop by to make up for it. ;)

i agree with daisymarie. any idea for chasing away the winter blahs is an excellent idea in my book!
Jammie J. said…
Introvert says, "There were a whole lot of people in them thar pictures."
Waterfall said…
daisymarie: me too!

cat: Nah, hoodies don't count. You gotta yell "hoodie hoo." But since you're new here, I'll let it slide. :-)

honeystrain: thanks for visiting!

Jeanette: And this introvert wasn't in that picture! (But I did yell hoodie hoo. Alone. It was a sad, sad sight.)

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