Friday, January 28, 2005

Waterfizzlemusik, Yo

Can y'all hear this? Someone let me know if this works. If it does, then my most heartfelt thanks go to Cuz LaVronica. It's a folky-sounding song arrangement by this friend of mine who goes by the moniker "MC Waterfizzle Mo," performed by MC and the Appalatchin' Sistah.

Update: Glad to know that the above is hearable. My apologies to those for whom it sounds too midi-like. It's not the most sophisticatedly made file, so it ain't perfect. And again, many thanks to that computer geek chic and hipster cuz of mine, LaVronica.


  1. Yes, I can. Sounds quite Appalacchian...

  2. Notebooks---great idea. Wish I would have started a jorunal or something dozens of years ago. Dave Also play piano.