This Project at Work

(bubbling noises as I rise to the surface ...)

Help! Help! I'm drowning in work!

Actually, I'm happy to be drowning in work. It gets my thoughts off the fact that I'm not reading, writing, studying music theory, snuggling with my cats, huggin' and kissin' The Hubster, hiking, baking something yummy, or playing piano.

We have a four-person team getting this presentation ready for tomorrow.

The woman doing the Power Point slides is POWER GIRL!

The guy doing the software build is BUILDER BOY!

I'm doing Visio charts, so I'm the VISIO VIXEN!

Our boss is THE PONTIFICATOR! because he plans to pontificate tomorrow at the presentation.

That's my exciting day. That's my exciting workplace. Going back under now ...

(gurgle, gurgle, glub, glub, glub ...)


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