Sunday Night

1. Today is a wonderful day. Was it not so amazing to see the Iraqis voting?? Unbelievable.

2. The weekend was relaxing. We prepared to be snowed in all weekend, and even though we weren't, we used the time to relax and get some things done around the house.

3. I can feel the Depression starting to eat away at me again. It starts out feeling like a missing tooth, you know, like there's just a small empty space where there shouldn't be a space. And then it grows bigger and bigger and eventually turns inside out and swallows me. And then I'm stuck in that stifling darkness for who knows how long--sometimes days, sometimes weeks. Oh, joy. The last few days have been "up" days, so I've been thankful for that. I do hate this prescient feeling I get when the Depression is coming on, though.

4. I finally finished Twenty Years After. It had its slow sections and its good sections. I kind of lost interest after Mordaunt was killed, but then I gained interest again in the last few chapters, when d'Artagnan, Porthos, and Athos escape imprisonment with Mazarin as their prisoner. I think I am in love with d'Artagnan.

5. Why am I numbering my paragraphs?

Time for bed. Hoping the Depression with slip away in the night and I'll wake up feeling good.


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