Stuff to Do Today (in no particular order)

1. Snuggle with cat. Snuggle with cat again. Snuggle with cat again. And again. Ad infinitum.

2. Do open-score exercises for music theory.

3. Practice scales/arpeggios/inversions for keys o' day.

4. Practice Mozart, Chopin, and Dett.

5. Clean guest bathroom and make sure it's well stocked for when guests get here Thursday.

6. Work out, unless I forget my sports bra at home. Grr, grr.

7. Make dinner.

8. Figure out what to serve guests Thursday night and plan grocery trip for tomorrow.

9. Do augmented-sixth harmonization exercises for music theory.

10. Buy organic pinot gris wine on way home for pinot-gris-loving guests.

11. Do dishes.

12. Watch the new, non-rerun Law and Order: SVU tonight! Woo hoo!


Jammie J. said…
Gah! Too much stuff to do! Major stress out!
Waterfall said…
Ha! And I was just thinking, tonight is going to be a SLOW night!

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