Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Songs I Done Wrote

I found a diskette last night while rummaging through some old papers, and it's titled "Songs I Done Wrote." I apparently made some midi files of some tunes back in the days when I had a Yahama clavinova.

I brought the diskette to work today and have been listening to it on and off. These are mostly (1) songs I started to write and forgot about, and (2) just random improvisation.

As we listen (Positive Self, Negative Self, and I), Positive Self exclaims, "Ooh, that's really pretty!" Negative Self disagrees and tells me, with her usual grumbling: "You cheesy, teshy new-age pianist type, did you really write this soft-toned, over-arpeggiated garbage?!"

So anyway, Positive Self wants me to post it on this blog (though Negative Self swears I'll do little more than embarrass myself), but I can't figure out how to post midi files. And can I change these to .wav or .mp3 files? I have no clue. If any of you musical people who read my blog can enlighten me, I would much appreciate it. Just e-mail me at infpeace at gmail dot com.

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