Snowed-in Saturday

Goals for the Weekend*

1) Dril, drill, drill those contrary motion scales till they're perfect better.

2) Learn the latest by-ear piece from Suzuki.

3) Continue fine-tuning the Mozart by memory.

4) Drill, drill, drill the Dett.

5) Exercise Dance like a maniac in the living room for an hour.

6) Journal (I hate when "journal" is used as a verb ...)

7) Do Genesis/Precepts studying

8) Finish Twenty Years After (finally) .

I'm sure I have more goals. The #1 goal, however, is to spend time with the Hubster, whose weekend away-from-home schedule was shot through by this snowstorm. I have him to myself all weekend. Woo hoo!

Weekend goals? What weekend goals? :-)

*Note to Nimbus's mom: I completely forgot about your resume. Please forgive me. It's on my computer at work. If you send it to me at home (and would still like me to look at it), I can look at it this weekend. I can add it to my goals for today. I am so very sorry. :-( I can be such a blonde sometimes.


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