Thursday, January 6, 2005

Random Life Happenings

Heidi and Beau ambushed me this morning. Not five seconds after I woke up, Heidi (the calico) jumped onto the bed and curled her sweet self up against my stomach and proceeded to purr loudly. Shortly after, Beau (the bobcat) hauled his huge self onto the bed and took residence alongside the back of my head and proceeded to purr loudly. I was stuck. Stuck, I say!

So I was rather late to work. And I didn't have time to write my Morning Pages. Pooh.

In my e-mailbox this morning: A bride-to-be has asked me to play the piano for her wedding this summer. I e-mailed back and said I would. So, I am no longer allowed to whine about how my non-chosen non-musical career in Cubicle Land takes up all of my energy for musical pursuits. And if I have the audacity to whine about the upcoming stress of playing the piano in public ... just kick me, OK?

Seriously, I am excited about this opportunity. I think it'll be fun.

Tomorrow resumes my Music Theory sessions. I don't know why I keep capitalizing "Music Theory." I guess it's to differentiate my classes with Vance from music theory in general. But anyway, Music Theory starts up again tomorrow. I feel like I should have some goals ... or something ... as far as music theory is concerned. Other than a seemingly unreachable pie-in-the-sky dream of composing symphonies. I'll think about that and perhaps blog more on it later today.

Meanwhile, I need to get some work done. I'm listening to my beloved Palestrina this morning. You can find samples of Palestrina's music here and here, as well as at Actually I'm listening to a disc titled Jesus i musikken (Jesus Christ in Music).

Why doesn't my church play this kind of stuff?

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Jammie J. said...

Awww, a nice kitty awakening.

It sounds like you're really gonna enjoy playing for the wedding. I sang at my cousin's wedding last July, it was a great experience! :)

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