Piano Lesson Today

Piano wasn't so great today. I really must fit in more practice sessions if I'm going to improve at all. Today wasn't a bad lesson, but it was disappointing. I'm not so much disappointed in myself as I am in the fact that my schedule has been particularly inflexible these last few weeks.

I want to set a goal to practice for at least an hour every day. It's not the most realistic goal in the world, but it's something to shoot for.

The piano didn't get played very much at this lesson. After the usual scales, arpeggios, etc., and the hated contrary-motion harmonic-minor scales, Deborah gave me a quick refresher course in memorization. I realized today that this Mozart piece is the first thing I've actually tried to memorize in about 15 years. So it's been a challenge, needless to say. The big measure-by-measure theoretical analysis I worked on this weekend has really helped. Now I have to combine (1) theoretical understanding, (2) muscle memory, and (3) auditory memory. To do that, I'll just study my theory notes and play the same measure over and over and over and over again, ad nauseam. Or at least until it's memorized!

The Dett is still slow. But it's getting better--slowly, ever so slowly, but surely. I need to relax my hands more. There are some big reaches, and I let my hands tense up and then my hands hurt. I need to cut a note or two here and there from the big reaches and remember to stay RELAXED.

I'm not good at staying relaxed.

So piano was okay, but not great. Next week is the group class, so I want to practice a lot before then so I can play well for our little audience.

Tonight I'm going to the gym at 6:00, making groceries at 7:30, cooking dinner shortly thereafter ... so hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some practice time between dinner and bedtime. Whew. Makes me tired to think about it.


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