A Letter from George

Dear Waterfall,

You have ignored me long enough. You leave me home alone in this overly humid house. You let that disgusting furry whiskered critter play me. Now, under the guise of "rearranging," you cover me with smelly backpacking equipment.

From now on, I will only make horrible twanging noises. If you wonder why I sound so horrible, then, well, now you know. I'm really, really mad at you.


George the Piano

Thankfully, the piano tuner will be here in a couple of weeks, and practicing will be a much less painful experience!


Emrah said…
Hi there,
Googling Schubart's summary of key-definition made me encounter your blog, which is very pleasant to read.
I am pretty new in this blog thing, but I think it is nice to meet people with similar interests. I am going to start reading your notebook from time to time and leave comments if you don't mind.
Me, here, Nottingham, UK, 27yo Turkish guy, doing my musicology Ph.D. on the complete solo songs of Jean Sibelius.
Send my greetings to George, with my favourite modal D minor. [I like its purity.]
Also welcome to my station if you like.
Happy New Year
Waterfall said…
Welcome, Emrah! Nice to know that someone besides me finds my blog interesting. :-)

I will check out your blog soon. Looking forward to reading it.

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