Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Kim, Have You "Seen" This Site?

My former boss, Kim, will love this site: The Gallery of "Misused" Quotation Marks. Misused quotation marks are her punctuational pet peeve.

I've actually fallen into a "bit" of a "habit" of "misusing" quotation marks. And I "think" of "Kim" every single "time" I do.

They really don't "bother" me so "much." Know what I "hate"? Misused "apostrophes." Like on "mailboxes" that say The Roger's or The Jackson's and "bathrooms" that are labeled Mens' and Ladie's. Or when people say they "hate" misused apostrophe's. Those drive me "crazy." But misused quotation marks are "okay" with me. (Noooo ... not "really.")

(If Kim is "reading" this, she's probably tearing her "hair" out by now.)


Jammie J. said...

heh. This is "funny." I may have to "steal" this for something in the future. *Bookmarking site for that reason* I still have to figure out if quotation marks go inside of the final punctuation or outside. Somehow, it just "looks" wrong if it's "outside".

Terminal Degree said...

It "depends" on the situation.

According to _The Chicago Manual of Style_ (15th ed.), periods and commas precede the closing quotation marks.

"Like this," she wrote.

Colons, semicolons, question marks, and exclamation points all go outside the closing quotation mark -- UNLESS they apply to the quoted part.

She cried, "Watch out!"

The British style puts most of the punctuation marks outside the quotes, however.

My last name ends with an S, which means that my family gets mail addressed to "The Geniu's" instead of to "The Geniuses," which drives us crazy. :)

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