Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's Jeanette's Fault

It's all her fault that I played at work for a few minutes this afternoon. But it's hard to resist fun time-wasters in which one can make idealized replicas of oneself.

This is a picture of me as a doll, and at my feet is Beau as my doll-pet. Ain't we jest the sweetest thangs?


Jammie J. said...

*laughing* That is SO cute. :) I just love it! Thanks for making the doll of you. I want everyone to do it, it's just such a cute idea. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Waterfall, thanks for the link. I tried designing a doll for myself after imagining how much fun you could have had from making one. It took me more than a few minutes to came up with the one that I had put up on my blog.