Friday, January 21, 2005

How Cool is This?

Today I got an e-mail from my cousin Debra, who is blind. She plays piano and is the only other person in my family that seems to have the same intense love for music as I do, so I've always felt like we had a kind of bond--even though we haven't been in touch with each other for ages.

Anyway, she has a new e-mail system through a company called InternetSpeech, which allows you to read and write e-mails by voice. When I sent her an e-mail yesterday, she "heard" what I'd typed. And when I got my first e-mail from her today, I clicked the attached .wav file, next thing I know, Debra's voice is telling me hello!

Trés kewl!


Jammie J. said...

That is so awesome. Some kind of genius must've come up with that! :)

Waterfall said...

I'm thankful for whoever invented. And so is my cousin!

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