Several reasons for happiness today.

1. It's Sunday. I love Sunday.

2. This blog has been linked by The Blowhards and Proverbial Wife, both of which are among my favorite blogs. Thanks, guys! (and girl!)

3. The bad weather kept us inside all day yesterday, so I "made do" with George. Spent the entire day on the piano, out-of-tune as he is. Wrote an analysis of Mozart's D minor Fantasie. I wish I were in music school so I'd have an excuse to write a term paper on it. I may write one anyway. Just for fun.

4. I spent half the day today working on music theory, writing a piano arrangement of this awful tune in the Music Theory workbook. I'm starting to enjoy those awful tunes. It'll say, "Write a piano arrangement for this awful tune, and incorporate X concept." So tonight the concept was secondary diminished sevenths. The cool thing is, if I work hard enough and long enough, I can make that awful tune into something beautiful. The one I wrote tonight is beautiful and longing, only it begs for a violin to be singing it and not a piano. So I'm floating on imagined violin music.

5. We watched Shadowlands last night. It's one of my all-time favorite movies, and the Hubster had never seen it, so I finally got to share it with him.

6. Cats exist. Isn't life grand?

7. It's really cold. Cold weather just brings me to life.

8. The Hubster is a wonderful man. Even though he has this weird Sunday-afternoon ritual of planting himself in front of the TV for several hours to watch football.

9. My Aunt Joyce is well and not sick like she was last week.

10. There's this girl at church named Lorraine who has the most beautiful voice. It's one of those voices that just give you chills, it's so fluid and smooth. Emmylou Harris's voice has a similar effect on me. So listening to her sing this morning made me happy. She's an alto ... a low alto. A contralto?

It's time for bed. I would normally write the above in my journal, but the journal is in the car, and it's cold outside. 'Night, all.


Catez said…
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