I never could understand why people post pictures of their food on their blogs. I mean, is it such a big deal that the maker of this roux actually got it right the first time, without burning it? Did she really have to take a picture and record the moment?

And so what if she made a good gumbo?

The only reason I posted the gumbo picture is because I think it's cute, how the bay leaf is standing up in the middle of the pot, probably saying "Hi, Mom!" in Bayleafese.

Time to go. I'll soon be Ruck-bound.


Charity said…
Hey...I find reasons to post pictures of anything! I think the pics bring a blog alive-like right now, all I want is a big bowl of that Gumbo!

mmm-mmm good-I'm jealous!

Hey, I have a question for son is 6 and wants to start taking music lessons. I have insisted that he take piano first, regardless. Is it too soon to start him?
rmacapobre said…
because pictures "paint a thousand words"? ^_^
Waterfall said…
Hey Daisy, that's GREAT that your son wants to take music lessons! No, 6 is not too young. Find a teacher who is good with young children, maybe someone who uses the Suzuki method. And go ahead and start him now, while he's still interested.

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