George's Special Day

No, I'm not talking about the presidential inauguration.

George is my piano, and he---


Today was supposed to be George's special day. Alas, no more. He was supposed to be tuned today, but the piano tuner just called and asked if he could come next week instead.


I'll tell you why. The weather's gonna turn nasty any minute, and he must, must be in Brevard this afternoon to tune the piano for Christopher Harding's performance tomorrow afternoon.

I wanted to go to the Christopher Harding performance--I desperately need to see Someone Really Good soon, as it inspires me and makes me better--but, as I said, the weather's turning nasty (think ice and sleet and snow), and a drive to Brevard just ain't gonna happen tomorrow.

Also, even if I could go, I'd only be able to stay for half the program because I have to be back here for 6:00 in the evening. Which I'd do in a heartbeat, but the tickets are $32. Ouch. That's not that much money to see a talented pianist and a talented cellist perform, but to only be able to see half the performance ... nah.

It makes me feel a little bad, because I try to support classical music performances in the area. But lately it seems like I've had to miss a lot of them because of prior engagements. Or lack of funds.

OK, I'm rambling. George is getting tuned next week. Good thing, because he really needs it. He sounds plunky and plinky and not like a his sweet piano-self at all.


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