Friday, January 7, 2005


Did Ted Kennedy really say this?


  1. I was a little drawn to your blog by some similarities..

    I'm from S.C., too! Just down the road from you. And I play the piano a little...and I have a little kitty that drives me crazy!

    hmmm...small world, huh? Come by and say hi!

  2. OH...and the whole "notebook" thing cracks me up, also. Between my husband and myself we have boxes of notebooks that we have used in the same fashion as yourself and for years!

    What dod you think it is about us "notebook people"?

  3. No, I'm not a blog stalker, in fact I hardly ever comment on other blogs, but in showing yours to my husband I realized I had made a mistake.

    We don't live in the same state (stupid me)..but, regardless, we are stil close!


  4. Ha! I figure we both live in "Carolina," so it's close enough! My little sis is a graduate of Converse College and loved it there. We go down to Myrtle Beach every now and then (or Greenville to shop at Old Navy), and are not too far from SC. Do y'all ever make it to the Asheville area? We're not that far away!

  5. We've driven through the Asheville before but I've never stopped there.

    So you come all the way to Greenville just to shop at Old Navy? Wow! That's dedication to the fleece!

    We just moved to South Carolina at the beginning of the summer so I haven't been many places around here but I do like it alot.

  6. Well, there isn't an Old Navy in Asheville, so when my sis and I want to go on a general shopping trip, we go to Greenville. It's really only about an hour away, so it's not too bad.

    I love living in the Carolinas. Hoping this mild weather keeps up!

  7. Yesterday, while my family was enduring an ice storm in the midwest....we had our flip-flops on and needed to run the air conditioner in the car!

    So Cool!