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Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

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Poor George, Part II

Severus Bach

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Snowed-in Saturday

... How "Awful Tune" Made Us Famous ...

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Cursed Animosity

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Today is Supposed to be Music Theory Day

Sleeping Beauty

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Beach Reading and Mating Signals

For Haydn Seekers

Jump Start

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This is Why They Pay Me

Links Updated

Piano Lesson

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Short Update


Isn't She Lovely?


Shall We Start a Fan Club?


Grand Marching

"Christians" Again

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"First Snow," a la Schumann

Stuff to Do Today (in no particular order)

Classical Music Milestone Site

Another Teaching Company Commercial

Pet Peeve: Concerned Christians on Misguided "Christians"


2004 Reflections

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'Turday Night


The World is Opening Up

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