Tired and Depressed

It's that time of the year. Christmas is in four days. I always get really depressed at Christmas. There's no reason that I should; I have family, friends, etc., etc., so it's not like I'm sitting alone in a strange city, ordering takeout for my Christmas dinner. But still, I get depressed.

I think part of it is the bustle. And the hustle. Christmas just makes me tired. And I don't even get into the whole decorating bit. Shopping for presents makes me tired. Trying to figure out what people will want when I haven't seen them for a year makes me tired. Going to holiday parties (three last week) makes me tired. Traveling makes me tired. Hearing the same old Christmas songs over and over again every year--and each year in new and more hideous versions by the pop stars du jour--makes me tired. Reading all the "Christmas/Kwanzaa/etc." contraversy crap makes me tired. Trite little sayings like "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" make me tired.

Part of my fatigue and depression, too, probably results from the fact that everyone I work with (including me) is burned out and greatly in need of a vacation. So we're snippy. Or just silent.

Music isn't doing much for me these days. I spent most of the morning listening to Beethoven's early symphonies, then tried switching over to Planet Zeb. Nothing worked. So I'm not listening to anything.

Tonight we have to clean house. But first I have to get my hair cut. And I have piano tomorrow, the last piano lesson of the year. And we have to pack. I just feel tired and overwhelmed and depressed.

I probably shouldn't be blogging this, but I am anyway. So there. :)

By the way, my cat, Beau, has started his own blog.


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