This Made My Face Hurt

I'm sitting here at work, contentedly settled into my rightful place in Cubicle Land ... and I literally have tears running down my face. My whole face hurts from giggling. My stomach feels like I've just forced it to do sit-ups. I needed a good laugh, and I got it here at Spamusement!, a site of "poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines."

Hikers, you'll like this one in particular.

Update: I sent the link to the folks at work, and they did not see the humor in the drawings. They looked annoyed that I had interrupted their hard work replacing F8-Exits and writing things like, "This page intentionally left blank." Sigh. I will never fit in.

Update #2: I am hearing titters from the next cubicle. And a guffaw from across the building. Perhaps they're beginning to "get it" after all. I knew they'd come through for me. Those co-workers of mine are good eggs.

By the way, I got this link from a fellow ex-English composition instructor, Mister B.S.


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