There is something about Spam haiku ... it just makes my day a little brighter. A little pinker.

I was first introducted to Spam haiku by Kim, who was my manager at IEM. It was my first day of work. She was showing me how to access the company intranet on my computer, when, out of the blue, she called up a site that offered such pearls of poetry as these:

Blue can of steel

what promise do you hold?

salt flesh so ripe

Can of metal, slick

soft center, so cool, moistening

I yearn for your salt

and who dares mock Spam?

you? you? you are not worthy

of one rich pink fleck

Grotesque pinkish mass

In a blue can on a shelf

Quivering alone

Like some spongy rock

A granite, my piece of Spam

In sunlight on my plate

What do you do when, on your first day at your new job, your new boss interrupts your training session to share Spam haiku with you?

Hmmm ...

You think to yourself, "I'm gonna like this job!"

And I did.

So, without further ado ... (drum roll) ... here's the Spam Haiku site, for your enjoyment.


Stacey said…
My worst college meal
Fried Spam with pancake syrup
I was so, so poor.
Anonymous said…
Awesome! I loved it! I had never heard of haiku, so I surfed the internet and found one site where I can easily write my own:

Crawdaddy79 said…

I made you a Haiku book when I was in 5th grade. :(

There was about... I dont' know... six poems in there, written by me.

They were all fairly horrible, but.. I still made you one.

It's probably still in the bookcase by your computer. Look for a little hardcover white book with no label.
Waterfall said…
Who knew that this blog had so many haiku enthusiasts? Crawdaddy, were any of your haikus about spam?
Crawdaddy79 said…
No, the only Haikus I wrote were of Winter and it's effects... I think. :|

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