Poot, and a Brief Music Update

You know, it's really sad that I'm a grown woman and still giggle at words that refer to bodily functions.

So I was at naxos.com this morning, in the Composer Search section under "P" because I wanted to listen to Palestrina, and saw the name, "Poot, Marcel."

I giggled. His last name is POOT?

I thought to myself, "Self, you are horrible, immature, and most uncouth. Laughing at that poor man's name like that."

Then I giggled again. "His last name is really POOT?"

My curiosity raised, I clicked the link. And learned that Marcel Poot was a Belgian composer who lived from 1901 to 1988 and was considered to be among "the most remarkable musical personalities of his generation of Belgian composers." Poot "left behind an extensive selection of mainly instrumental works for orchestra and chamber ensembles." Who knew? He wrote seven symphonies.

So that's what I'm listening to today. His music is very, very lively and impulsive sounding.

Speaking of music, I haven't given a music update lately. That's because poor music has been on the back burner for a few days.

PIANO: Had a good lesson on Wednesday. Worked a lot on technique-related things, not so much on playing things through. The Dett piece is requiring me to learn how to play lots of big chords and octaves rapidly without straining my Hobbit-sized hands. So we worked on ways of doing that.

COMPOSITION: Music theory "class" is in a few hours, and I can't wait. I'd wanted to spend some quality time with Bach Chorales last night, now that I seem to have become "unstuck" in my theory education. But that didn't happen. Just didn't happen. Was supposed to, but didn't. I've written several exercise arrangements (in different established styles) of a melody that I harmonized this past weekend, and it's been lots of fun. Like learning new spells with my compositional magic wand: "Stylus brilliantus!" "Stylus andantino!" "Stylus marcio!" And this wonderful music just happens. I'm continually amazed by it.

PLAYING BY EAR: I learned recently that my ability to play things by ear is a special gift. I knew it was a special gift that I could do this when I was four because, I mean, how many four-year-olds play the piano? But I didn't know that playing by ear is an ability that is enjoyed by only a minority of adults. So I've been feeling thankful lately. I only have one ear that works, but it more than makes up for the fact that the other ear is deaf as a post.

LISTENING: Mostly I've been listening to religious choral stuff. Palestrina, Bach (yes, I've been feeding the Mass-in-B-Minor addiction again), and a capella arrangements of Christmas songs. I guess it's the holiday spirit. Fa la la la la.


Stacey said…
Even if "poot" didn't mean... well... that, it would still be a funny name, because it's a funny word. Don't feel bad. :D

Poot poot poot.

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