Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let it Sneaux

Sneaux. That's how we spell "snow" in south Louisiana. Of course, Louisiana never sees sneaux.

Now that I'm in western North Carolina, I see plenty of sneaux. And there's plenty of it out there this morning--the first sneaux of the season. Fine with me. It's pretty. I got ready for work and got into my Neon and headed to Asheville. Turns out there is a mess of wrecked 18-wheelers on the I-40 and traffic is backed up for 10+ miles. I turned around and came home. Waiting for a co-worker to e-mail me a document I've been working on so I can work on it here. I'm planning to go to work in a couple of hours ... but it's sneauxing really hard. This Louisiana native is not comfortable driving in this stuff. Particularly in a Neon.

I usually don't envy teachers, but I do this morning. All the schools in the county are closed.

If it would only sneaux harder, I might be able to stay home and work from here. I don't want to have to drive in it. It scares me. I am a south-Louisiana-born-cold-weather-scaredy-wuss. Please let me stay home today. I have plenty of work I can do, just as soon as it pops up in my e-mail. I'll probably be more productive here than I ever am at the office.

Let it sneaux! Oh please, let it sneaux some more!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Waterfall! It seems I remember you spending some snowy cold days on the AT a few winters ago! Don't you hate it for those SoBo's out there right now? I am sorry I missed THE birthday party. I am a little laid up with the flu. See you at the SoRuck!
Miss Janet
I am trying to send all this snow over the mountain to you.

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