Monday, December 6, 2004

Last Night I Dreamed ...

... that Jonathan and Veronica became a rap duo and changed their names to J-Mal and Cus'n LaVronica.

And, since I want to be a composer when I grow up, they asked me to write some songs for their next CD.

Am I not getting enough sleep, or am I getting too much?


  1. I'm surprised "LaVronica" wasn't on the list of Utah baby names I posted on my blog...

  2. Ha! Are you sure it's not on there? I'm wondering how a name like "LaVronica" found its way into my dream ...

  3. I am by no means a poet, but a performer.

    Veronica would have to do all the rapwriting, and I would have to sign all the autographs and get all the chicks.