Eye Boogers, Y'all Ain't.

Want to know where in the U.S. folks say "ahnt" as opposed to "ant" or "ain't" when they really mean "aunt"? Want to know who says PEE-can as opposed to pi-KAHN? Want to see where "y'all is predominant, as opposed to "you'uns," "yins," or "you guys?" Want to know where "eye boogers" is the term of choice for that gunk that gets in your eyes when you sleep?

Click here to explore a really cool set of linguistic maps. Brings me back to those delightful days of linguistics classes when I was in grad school.

Warning: For those who are at work and are supposed to be doing, well, work stuff ... this is a bit of a time waster. Of course, if your job is in the field of sociolinguistics, it's probably OK. :-)

P.S. Here's what I say:

Ant (for my Aunt Joyce); Ain't (for my Aunt Elaina and Aunt Ruby)

b'KAHN (Not sure why ... I don't know anyone else who pronounced "pecan" this way. Could have something to do with my hearing loss.)

Y'all (my Ohio-born Hubster says "yins")

Eye gunky (that one isn't on the linguistics map list either)


Anonymous said…
Ha! I took part in this survey a few months ago. I can't see the maps (perhaps because I'm on dialup?), but I say "ant," "pi-CAHN" and eye boogers. I also say "TEE-vee," which all of my western and eastern friends say is incorrect... apparently it's "tee-VEE."

Cousin Veronica

P.S.-- Merry Christmas!

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