Monday, December 20, 2004

An Excellent Choice, & Happy Birthday

George W. Bush is Time's Person of the Year for 2004.

Think this is Time's birthday gift to Rebecca?

Rebecca is my newly 22-year-old sister, and she just happens to be, erm, quite an enthusiastic fan of Dubya & all things Republican. (Is that an understatement?)

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!


  1. Thanks for remembering my birthday! Thanks for remembering about George Bush being Times' Person of the Year again. Have a Merry Christmas. I'll be seeing you Sunday! Love Rebecca

    (We tried posting on Beau's blog but couldn't remember Rebecca's password - it wouldn't let us post as anonymous.)

  2. The little fella is a snob. At first he only wanted other felines to be able to post, but I talked him into letting humans post. It's fixed now.