Bunches and Bunches of Blogs

I just read about the 2004 Weblog Awards, where you can vote for your favorite blogs. There are about a million categories, but it's fun to look at. I actually knew of three or four blogs listed on there.

Which reminds me that I've been meaning to add to my "blogroll," or the list of blogs I link to. I've been putting this off because the prospect of finding them all and adding the link information is just too overwhelming. But it's Friday, so I'll work on that for a bit today.

The blogs/websites I visit daily are primarily those of people who are somehow related to me: my brother Jonathan, my cousins Stacey, Drew, and Veronica, Cousin Shorty, and my birthmom, Sherry (who does not want to be linked).

But I do visit a few others: The Corner is a lot of fun, and I always find food for thought at Proverbial Wife. Reflections in d minor (a music/culture/etc. blog) is also interesting, and it made me smile to see that Lynn linked my blog several days ago.

Other music/culture bloggers I read, though not every single day, are Alex Ross, Scott Spiegelberg, Marcus Maroney, A.C. Douglas, and Jessica Duchen.

I also like Instapundit. And I visit 2blowhards on a pretty regular basis.

Wow. I thought there would be a lot more than that. I guess I don't goof off at work as much as I thought I did.

I'll add some of these to my blogroll (right-hand column) a bit later. Meanwhile, go to the Weblog Awards and vote for your favorite blogs! (Sorry, mom, my blog isn't one of the choices.)


Anonymous said…
Waterfall -
Didn't realize you were a blogger - good on ya. I also like Powerline and Captains Quarters and Scrappleface and .... a bunch of others. I've thought about blogging and rejected the idea (lack of time), but the idea keeps coming back to haunt me. OTOH - the CDT is calling my name again.

Think PCT -
JimO aka Spiriteagle
Waterfall said…
Hey Jim,

Yeah, I thought about starting a blog a long time before I actually started one. It's a great place to post "OT" stuff for whoever wants to read it. :-) We definitely have the PCT on the brain. Getting the debts paid off at the moment, and saving/planning to start hiking in spring 2006. Less than a year and a half to go!
Anonymous said…
LOL!!! I know how you feel - it's still 493 days till we start north from the Mejicano border (yeah - I'm counting). Some days I wonder what I'm doing here - last year they handed me 3 documents to rework and told me it wasn't possible to actually finish them before the end of the year (which was also the end of the contract). So I finished them. This year they nailed me with 7 documents - all due by Dec 17. Don't think we'll make that deadline, but it's kept me busy trying - and wondering why?? So - if I finish these things in time can I leave for the CDT a year early? Or maybe if I don't finish them, can I hope they'll lay me off so I can leave for the CDT a year early? Or maybe they'll cancel the project so I can leave a year early for the CDT?

Fantasies -- but reality is 493 days.

Hang in there - you're not alone.

JimO aka spiriteagle
Waterfall said…
Yeah, we started the countdown, too. My countdown is of "days (approximately) till we set foot on the PCT," and Dan's countdown is of "days till we can turn in our resignations."

Either way, it's still a lotta days. But one fewer than yesterday! :-)
Anonymous said…
One day at a time - and soon enough you'll be in total panic, wondering how you'll get everything done before you leave :-)

At least that's how it works with us.

For me, retirement will come two weeks before the trail. Unless, of course, they cancel my project (highly probable). In that case, both retirement and the trail will just come earlier. So what should I pray for? :-))

In the meantime, hang in there - and live what you've got - it won't come around again. Or, as the old PA Dutch saying goes - "We get too soon oldt, und too late smart"

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