Wrong-Foot Monday

Looks like Monday’s starting off on the wrong foot. Or maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I overslept, for one thing. And my ears are stopped up and the “good ear” is ringing and ringing and ringing … a constant eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So, not only am I pretty much completely deaf today, but I have this annoying beeping-buzzing sound going on. And I didn't have time to write or study this morning, so my head will probably explode again.

It wasn’t a bad weekend. It was a busy weekend. Saturday was actually quite good. Sunday was good, too … just runnin’-around busy. And because I overslept this morning, I didn’t have time to do morning pages, so I’m going to do them here. I’ll take care to spell all the words right and not morph words and make obscure known-to-me-only references the way I do when I’m writing in my private journal.

Friday night Dan had to work until about 9:30 p.m., so I drank vino and played piano for about four hours. Practiced my pieces for an hour or so, maybe longer. Then just PLAYED. Dug up old music, everything from Elton John and other 80’s pop stuff to a Mozart piano concerto I dabble with from time to time (it’s much too difficult for me to ever actually learn, but it’s fun to try bits and pieces).

Then I got online and chatted with Sherry for about 100 years. Finally the hubster got home. It wasn’t a bad night, but I hate it when the hubster has to work late on Fridays.

Saturday was library day. I love library day. It was also walking-in-the-woods day (the leaves are beautiful, by the way). And reading day, and piano-practicing day, and grocery-shopping day. And vacuuming and bathroom-cleaning day (yuck).

Yesterday I got up relatively early and did a lot of reading and studying before church. I used to go to church early so I could play piano for some singing they do before the service, but I’m not the world’s greatest accompanist because of my hearing. So I stopped going early. Besides, Dan and I treasure Sunday mornings because we can stay in bed and snuggle for an extra hour or two. Sometimes it’s the only time I get to see him all week.

After church I headed to downtown Asheville to do some writing before Deborah’s recital. It wasn’t just Deborah’s recital, actually … it was a fundraiser for the Asheville Area Piano Teachers’ Forum, and Deborah was one of the performers. Of course, I thought she was the best, but I am probably biased.

Had to leave the recital shortly after intermission and get back to Waynesville to help Brandi with the elementary school kids at the church. Played softball and hula-hoop with children after that. Whew. I really do need to learn to be one of those “adults-who-stand-on-the-sidelines-and-watch-while-children-run-themselves-ragged.” But I play with them and run myself ragged, too. And boy, do I feel it on Monday morning.

Last night, tired from all the Sunday activity, I crashed early-shirley. Poor Hubster. Of course, he had to work again yesterday, so I didn’t see much of him.

No wonder we never get tired of each other. We never see each other.

So today I’m deaf as a post and have lots of work to do. I guess I’ll get started. For the three or four people who read my blog regularly and like the fact that I update often, I can say with some certainty that I’ll probably blog several more times today. I've been having very vivid dreams and waking up with deep, interesting thoughts lately, but I never remember them. Perhaps I'll remember some today and post 'em later.

Until then, hope y’all are having a better Monday than I am!


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