A Week Without Dan

A week without Dan is like a week without food, exercise, or motivation.

Oh, wait ...

A week without Dan IS a week without food, exercise, or motivation.

Dan left for the Florida Keys last weekend, so I've been home with the cats for a week. I didn't think I'd be lonely (I'm a bit of a loner anyway), but geez ... who knew I was going to miss him this much?

I was like a lonesome kid on a see-saw. When there are two kids are on the see-saw, then the required balance is there and the see-saw will work.

But if there's only one kid, then the see-saw stays off-kilter and won't work. No matter how hard the kid tries.

I've been off-kilter all week. Didn't eat much, didn't exercise, didn't have much motivation at all. Totally felt like the balance of everything in my life was off.

All because I had no Hubbie to help keep things in balance. To keep things right with the world.

I'm so glad my sweet Hubbie is on his way home today. I have missed him terribly. I cannot imagine how the spouses of soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere survive. That has got to be so tough. And Dan was just on a business trip, not a combat mission.

So I really, truly can't complain. Although being a Boy Scout in Key West is probably scary in its own unique way ...

Sigh. I love the hubster. I can't wait to see him again.


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