Smile, You're Reading My Blog!

Because my computer could crash at any moment (again) and I don't have anything better to blog about (unless you really WANT to hear me complain about computers and IT people ... nah. Didn't think you did.) ...

Here are some jokes you can tell your kids.

Q: What is the cannibals' favorite game?

A: Swallow the Leader


Q: Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

A: Because he was feeling "crummy."


Q: What did one toilet say to the other toilet?

A: You look a little "flushed."


Q: What did the alien say to the book?

A: Take me to your reader!


Don't ask me where I got those because I don't remember.

Here's a place to go if you feelin' groovy and peaceful. If you like John Ashcroft or support that fanatical, war-mongerin' Bush administration, you might wanna go somewhere else. (Like to the polls next Tuesday, hee hee!)

Oh, I love my Kerry-supporting friends. And my non-voting friends (though I really wish you'd reconsider ...). And my swinging voter friends. And my conservative Republican friends. All two of them.

End of fun political stuff. (Sorry, with the elections coming up, it just seems to creep into the blog. And on the joke post, of all places!)

Have a good afternoon, y'all!


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