Rebecca? Stacey? Anh? Gwenny? Mu? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

This post is to anyone who has e-mailed me within the last two days. If you save your sent mail, please re-send your e-mails. Our e-mail system is back up, but our e-mails have vanished. They're gone. Never to be seen or read again. Gone, also, is my Contacts list, where I saved all of your e-mail addresses (you didn't think I'd memorized them, did you?). So, I know some of you are waiting for me to write back. But please e-mail me first, because I need your e-mail addresses. And I need to know what to write back about. :)

Or you can e-mail me at mizwaterfall at yahoo dot com. I know some of you e-mailed me there, but I forwarded your e-mails to my work address because that system is faster and easier than Yahoo. So I still have no record of your e-mail address. Argh.

I'm rather sad and frustrated this morning. But I'm REALLY glad I'm not the guy in charge of our company's e-mail system. I be he's feeling a LOT worse than the rest of us are!


Stacey said…
Is it weird that the word "Bueller" made me laugh till I teared up?

Cousin Stacey (aka brast_smboo at yahoo dot com)

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