Pinkie Needs Prozac

My left pinkie is very depressed. It's all my fault. I had to go and drop a 25-pound weight on the top knuckle. At first, poor Pinkie couldn't feel anything at first. Completely numb. Well, she could feel a few numbly tings, but that's about it. Then, the feeling came back a bit, but woo boy, was it painful. I still managed to finish my workout (this all happened at the health club), but it wasn't easy to hold onto glasses and plates when I got home and started to put the dishes away. I had to do everything with my right hand.

Now, poor swollen Pinkie still hurts and has turned all sorts of garish shades of eggplanty purple. And she still feels quite tingly when I try to bend her. It hurts like heck, but I can bend her, so that means she's not broken, right? Just sad.

Still, I'm wondering if maybe Pinkie needs a splint or something, you know, instead of Prozac. I don't rightly know how I would feed her Prozac, anyway. I know I'll need to increase my own dosage if I can't play the piano. And right now, Pinkie definitely is not up to ivory-tickling.

Poor Pinkie. Poor, poor purplish Pinkie. Please pray for Pinkie.

But don't contact C--- and ask him to pray for Pinkie. We love C---, but he has no time for poor, pitiful Pinkie.

(Those last sentences were written as a lighthearted private joke. They are for "Grumpy." They will make Grumpy laugh. Laugh, Grumpy, laugh.)


oceanskies79 said…
Hope this message could help your pinkie feel better. I think I would have been very upset if my pinkie was injured. I would need it to play properly on the double bass. Take good care meantime.

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