Piano "Group Class" Report

Enjoyed the group class yesterday. Kim and Joseph played their Suzuki pieces, and then a music major named Geneva played the beautiful Rachmaninoff Prelude in G-Major (Op. 32, no. 5, I think). Next, I played the Bach Sinfonia, the Mozart Fantasie, and the Chopin Nocturne, in that order. I half-joked that everyone would probably fall asleep while I played. I was only half-joking because (1) the Bach and Chopin are both VERY relaxing; and (2) it was early evening, just starting to get dark outside, and the only light we had in the room was the one on the piano.

I think they may have dozed off.

Oh well. If I'd played badly, they would have stayed awake, wincing and covering their ears.

Here's what I did WRONG:

1. Played parts of the Bach too loudly. Also, I think I noticeably sped up/slowed down a few times. Bad, bad, bad.

2. Rushed, absolutely rushed, through parts of the Mozart. And knew I was rushing, but still didn't slow down.

3. Fumbled a bit in one measure of the Chopin. But only one measure.

Here's what I did RIGHT:

Well ... they all sounded really pretty. I know that much. Even though they weren't perfect, they did sound beautiful. Even modest little ole me has to admit that.

It was fun "class." And it was cool to meet Geneva, who is a double-major in Music and Environmental Science. As a double-minor in Music and Biology, I know that we Music/Science people are bit of a rarity. People like Jackrabbit, who double-majored in Music and Biology, are even more rare. So it was nice to meet another person who has a passion for both music and trees.

Whew. Music Theory is tomorrow. I think I'll lunch on secondary dominants today. Mm, mm, mm.


Anonymous said…
Instead of saying "what I did WRONG," say "how I personalized the piece." Bach and Chopin would have been down with you personalizing their works. Sheet music is like speed limits. They're just suggestions. :)

*I* wouldn't have noticed that you sped up or played too loudly. I would have been proud of you and gotten lost in the beautiful music.

Cousin Stacey, the eternal optimist
Waterfall said…
Oh, now I don't know if I totally agree with you on that. There's a fine balance between interpreting and staying true to what the composer had in mind. Of course, if I'd stayed completely true to what Bach had in mind, I would have had to play a harpsichord or a clavier, and not a grand piano ...

Thanks for your optimism, though. You're really optimistic, considering you've never heard me play a note! I could be really horrible, for all you know. :)
Anonymous said…
Not possible. The people in my family aren't bad at things. I promise. :)

Modest Cousin Stacey
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