Music Update

All together now ... BOOYAH!

Whew. Glad I got that out of my system early.

No, this is not a booyah blog. It's a music blog today. 'Cause I feel like writing about things musical.

This morning I'm listening to Bach (surprise! surprise!). has several versions of the Bach/Gounod "Ave Maria" arrangement. It's sooo pretty. So that's what I'm listening to today. All the different versions ... the harp/flute version, the piano/violin version, the vocal version, etc. What a man that Bach was (is). I just can't get enough of him.

I want to go to The Met and see "The Magic Flute" in April. I think the tickets are something like $300. I've never been to New York City. But I want to go. I can make $300 by writing a few feature articles for the local paper. Or by not eating out for lunch between now and April. Or by not buying anyone any Christmas presents this year. Plenty of ways to make/save $300.

Gwenny, I was just kidding about the Christmas presents. Geez.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy the Asheville Symphony. Very good performance last weekend. Jonathan Biss, a very talented American twenty-something pianist, played Mendelssohn's D-minor Piano Concerto. And then they did Shostakovich's 5th Symphony.

We were in the second row. We weren't supposed to be. See, my theory teacher, Vance, is in the orchestra and gave me two comp tickets. The tickets were waaay up in the back of the balcony.

Well, lucky for me (not really), I am deaf as a post, so I went to the front desk to ask for a hearing device (sort of a headphone thing that amplifies the sound for the hearing-impaired). Turns out they didn't have any. They felt sorry for me (especially after I told them I've lost my hearing aid) and traded my back-of-the-balcony tickets for second-row-seat tickets.

Now, second-row seats are not the ideal seats for a symphony. You end up looking at the musicians' feet and knees the entire time, and you can't even see the percussion section. Which is a shame, if they're performing Shostakovich's 5th.

But I still enjoyed it. And I could definitely hear the music.

On other music fronts ...

Music theory continues to be frunstrating. That's a mix of "fun" and "frustrating." Equal parts both. Actually, probably more frustrating than fun, at least for the moment. Lately I'm just comparing the harmonizations of hymns. I have a Baptist Hymnal and a Methodist Hymnal. Plus, I'm finding non-chord tones in each, and seeing how they're effective (or not effective) in one version as compared to the other.

All this because I want to be able to write music. I haven't written a thing lately (other than mostly abortive attempts at harmonization), though I am getting creative urges. That's good.

Piano is wonderful. I had a lesson yesterday and it went well. The Mozart is coming along fine; the "30-minute-Mozart-as-main-course" practice sessions have paid off. The cadenza sections even sound respectable. Next "lesson" is a group lesson, and I'm supposed to play the Bach, the Chopin, AND the Mozart for it. Whew. Ha ... I pretend it's going to be such a struggle, to perform in front of people and all, but the truth is, I love to show off. Even when I was a wee little girlie, I was very shy and hated being in groups of people, UNLESS there was a piano I could play for everyone. And then I turned into a happy show-off. Tee hee hee.

So I'm going to practice a LOT in the next two weeks. If I'm gonna show off, I want to do it RIGHT.

I wanna do it BOOYAH RIGHT.

There. Booyah, I hereby christen thee an adjective, if thou weren'st an adjective already.


Anonymous said…
You know, cousin, as a student I get pretty wicked discounts to cultural stuff. I don't know how good the seats are, but I could hook ya up w/some opera tickets if they're still available ( Booyah!
Waterfall said…
Kewl! Actually the tickets for the April performances don't go on sale till Nov. 21 or something like that. I'll remind ya!
Waterfall said…
P.S. Thanks! $25 looks like it'll be a lot easier to save than $300!

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