Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Living in Overwhelmedland

I'm there: right smack in the middle of Overwhelmedland. And I feel very, very lost. My metaphorical GPS and maps are buried in my metaphorical backpack. I really need to stop and eat a metaphorical granola bar or take a nap on a metaphorical rock in the metaphorical sunshine before I log any more metaphorical miles.

Non-metaphorically, I have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it all. As usual, I've taken on too many responsibilities, and now I want to shut myself up in a room with George (my piano) and Norton, and just rest for a while. Stay home and snuggle with the cats while Dan goes to work and makes the money. We've having company, lots of it, this weekend, and our house looks like ... well, it looks like it has me for a housekeeper. Which is NOT a good thing when company's coming! I definitely need some down time between now and Friday.

So, I've e-mailed my boss to ask for a day off tomorrow. There are no immediate deadlines at work, so it won't make or break a project if I'm not here. I would just love to stay home tomorrow and (1) get my articles for the paper written and submitted; (2) attack the house in a veritable cleaning frenzy; (3) practice piano; (4) prepare for my theory lesson on Friday; (5) work out; (6) do Precepts homework; (7) make groceries; and (8) snuggle with the cats. Let Dan go to work tomorrow. I need to be a homebody for a day.

Last night didn't help any. Oh, last night was wonderful, just wonderful, really and truly. I met with my poetry friends at 6:00 and read "To Autumn" and also was introduced to some new poets I hadn't read before. Reading poetry, for me, is like taking a warm, luxurious bath. I just love to immerse myself in it and want to stay there until my skin prunes up. Metaphorically, of course. A metaphoric metamorphosis. Or something like that.

Next, I went to the science fiction reading group. That awful science fiction. I don't think I'll ever learn to love it. Or like it, even. But it was still an interesting discussion. We all agreed to finish up the discussion early-shirley so we could all go home and watch the debate.

So I came home to watch the VP debate with Hubbie. We ate popcorn and drank beer and yelled "TOUCHDOWN!" at the appropriate moments.

Not really. But that woulda been fun.

After watching Cheney and the darlin' lil yap dog, I finally got to bed around midnight. So then I was too tired to work out this morning. When I don't work out, I feel yucky for the rest of the day. When I feel yucky, I can't work as efficiently. When I can't get stuff done, I get depressed. When I get depressed I don't feel like working out. When I don't work out, I feel yucky for the rest of the day. And so on. Ye olde viciously viscous circle. Next thing I know, I'm wandering aimlessly around in Overwhelmedland.

I need to-- Tern! Oh, Vera Knew Leif. Soonly. If I don't get out of Overwhelmedland before company gets here, my head will explode. Humpty Dumpty.

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