Krismeister! You Can Be An Extra!

Mrs. Gwen just sent me this excerpt from the Baton Rouge Business Report for this week. I tried to find the link to the actual article, but couldn't. So I'm quoting the whole thing here.

It’s appropriate that the Dukes of Hazzard movie has its base of operations at a former Baton Rouge car dealership. The high-octance cheesefest featured car chases and crashes, usually with “General Lee,” a red auto driven by lead characters Bo and Luke Duke.

A reincarnation of the revved-up 1969 Dodge Charger with the “01” emblazoned on the doors will soon grace the grounds of the former Team Toyota lot on Florida Boulevard. Warner Brothers signed a six month lease to base operations there for the movie. It will be shot in Louisiana, courtesy of state tax credits.

Ben Graham and Marc Larker of Latter & Blum handled the lease of 60,000 square feet. Graham says he could be cast as an extra in the movie, which would give him more than a commission check. He might get to rub shoulders with Jessica Simpson, the dingy pop blonde who plays Daisy Duke.
Here's some more info on it, from the Celebrity website.

This is excellent news for Louisiana, and for my fellow Bo-Duke-loving friend, Krismeister. I think she should try to be an extra in this film. It would only be right.


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