I Thought I Was Rooting for the Yankees

I really did. But as the games went on, I found myself hoping the Red Sox would win. Must have been that underdog-cheering psychology, I guess. And when they DID win, Dan and I hooted, hollered, high-fived, wore our silly grins, and did a triumphant dance of joy. And I don't even like Boston. Does that make me a fairweather fan?

I just wish Louisiana had a major-league team. I feel rootless, with no home team to root for. (That's "for which to root," for you grammatical stickler types.) I always felt obligated to cheer for Houston and Atlanta because they were the closest to home (south Louisiana). But my favorite team growing up was actually the Orioles because my friend Anh lived in Baltimore and was a Cal Ripken, Jr., fanatic. I still root for the O's, and I've never even been to Baltimore.

Of course, there is always Ella Shoe. They are my favorite team, always. Regardless of the sport.

And then there are the great softball teams of history ... the IEM Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Catholic Adult League team "What the Heck," the Our Lady Of the Lake Lakers ... oh. Silly me. Those aren't the great softball teams of history. Those are the teams I've played on in the last decade or so. And, although we had lots of fun, they were definitely not among the great softball teams of history. The best parts of playing on those teams were the pre-game daiquiris and the post-game beers.

Sigh. I love softball and baseball (in addition to daiquiris, of course). I love seeing, each year, how happy those adorable baseball-player-men are when they win the pennant. No matter what team wins. Didn't those Sox look happy last night? It warmed the cockles of my fairweather heart.


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