Ho-Hum-Drumming a Tune

The e-mail system at our office has been down all the livelong day. Dontcha hate when that happens?

People I would write to if I had e-mail access:

- Cousin Stacey in Miss'ippi

- Rebecca in Coral Doo

- Anh in the Republic of Texas

- Kristi at I'm Nice in Baton Rouge

- Lottie-Da in Sugar Land

- The Belch in Oregon

- Sherry in the Gret Stet

- Mu at Skoo

- Mrs. Gwendolyn

I'm tired. Stayed up too late last night, debate-watching and hubbie-snuggling and music-theorizing.

So I'm quite the unmotivated little worker bee this afternoon. It's just too darn purty outside to stay here in Cubicle Land all day. Alas, but I must. Actually it's been a pretty productive day, work-wise. I just wish we had e-mail.

I think I'll go forage for chocolate. Then it's back to the grindstone. And my beloved, bewigged, bejowled buddy Bach. La la la. I love Bach.


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