Happy Birthday to the Little Goosey!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Hideaway Kitty. Here's a picture of her with a friend.

"Heidi" was a stray, so we're not sure exactly when her birthday is. A former boyfriend (the one I was dating when I got Heidi) and I figured that she must definitely be a Libra. She does NOT like her emotional scales tipped, no sirree. The former boyfriend, a Libra himself, seemed to have an uncanny understanding of and connection to her. And she to him. So we decided to always celebrate her birthday in October, the Libra month.

But what day would we celebrate it on? Since the former boyfriend's birthday was in October and she had "his month," we decided to celebrate it on "my day"--the 18th, since my birthday is on an 18th.

So, October 18th it is. I think that's also the birthday of Paul Hardy (a Louisiana gubenatorial candidate that I supported when I was in elementary school because I thought he was cute) and Katie Sternberg. I'm not sure, though. Katie may be August 18. My memory can be a little fuzzy.

Dan and I have a nickname for Heidi: The Little Goosey. I don't remember how that came about. But it fits her perfectly. She is a sweet little goosey. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. She'll get extra snuggly spoilin' tonight.


Stacey said…
I don't know about Paul Hardy and Katie Sternberg, but your Heidi does share her day with the likes of Peter Boyle (a favorite actor of mine), Mike Ditka, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Wynton Marsalis.

By the way, she's adorable. I've always wanted a kitty with those colorings. They're so pretty. My kitties are very pretty too, but Heidi is very pretty. And she looks snuggly.

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