Half-Asleep Frambling

Good morning. Welcome to my Friday ramble. My friamble. My framble.

I'm half-asleep blogging this morning. I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a long, tired week. I've already decided that Law and Order isn't worth staying up for. It just comes on too darn late (10:00). I can't watch a 10:00 show and still manage to wake up at 5:00 the next morning. And I'm not gonna quit waking up at 5:00, so Law and Order is out for Sunday nights, Tuesday nights, and Wednesday nights. Wow, that's a lot hours in front of the tube. No wonder I gave it up back in 1985.

Had to fill up my tank this morning at a nearby Exxon. Went in to pay for gas, and the cashier asked if I wanted to give to a good cause. It was one of those good-cause things where you pay a dollar and then get to write your name on some uglily decorated paper (this one was a garish jack-o-lantern design) and they string all the ugly papers up so everyone can see who donated.

I said, "Sure, I'll give to the good cause."

But I didn't want to write my name on it. It's a privacy thing, I guess. So I wrote, "Heidi Rogers."

"Thanks, Heidi," the cashier said.

"Oh," I replied, smiling. "Heidi's my daughter."

Once I got back in the car, it hit me that I'd referred to Heidi as my daughter. Now, among family members, I often refer to Heidi as my daughter (Heidi is actually my calico cat). But not to strangers. And there I was, telling some stranger that I had a daughter.

Like, I said, I'm half-asleep this morning.

(By the way, I know that "uglily" isn't really a word. But I heard someone use it this morning, and I thought it had a nice ring to it. So I'm using it.)

I still think Dan should take Beau (our tabby) to the Boy Scouts "Dad and Lad" weekend tomorrow. And that they should reward the little fella with a mousing merit badge.

Speaking of Dan, did I mention that my dear husband dropped an alka-seltzer into Mount St. Helens when we were visiting it a couple of weeks ago? I guess that was a mistake. Here's the VolcanoCam that allows 24-hour surveillance of the volcano. It's expected to blow before long. There's even a volcanic advisory out.

Cousin Tall-y-Taulli will officially become Mrs. Taulli tomorrow. That's pretty exciting. Congratulations to Cousin Tall-y Taulli. Good luck getting some sleep tonight so you'll be purty as pie tomorrow.

In addition to hiking a few miles, Hubster and I going to the county fair this weekend. Gonna ride crazy rides and eat lots of cotton candy and funnel cakes. In that order, I hope.

Happy World Vegetarian Day, everyone!


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