Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Welp, the IT person just flushed out my old MS Office and re-installed it ... and ... e-mail is still possessed by an evil demon.

And Word ain't workin' too well, either.

I've pretty much sat in a chair all morning, watching the IT person pull his hair out and curse my computer under his breath.

And now it's lunchtime. Good. I need a break. I'm gonna go find me a comfy coffee-shop seat and write out my frustrations. 'Cause they're building up today, yes sirree.

If only I were in New Orleans, I could probably find a bar that was open this time of day. Then I could drown my work sorrows in drink.


Or maybe I'll just go practice piano. We do have the group piano class tomorrow, and I'm supposed to play all these pieces I've been learning.

Or maybe I'll just go find some real food to eat. You know, take a REAL lunch. That's a thought. Not something I do that often.

Did anyone see Bushie on FOX Gnus last night? He did OK, but those FOX Gnus folks had him waaay too made up. Almost looked pretty with all that powder and blush. Poor Prez.

Clinton was on TV, too. Man, he looks good. Standing next to Kerry, he makes Kerry look even more darkly Lurch-like.

Not a pleasant thought before lunch. I'm flushing Lurch-thoughts from my brain.

I think I'll go forage now.

P.S. Some of my friends hadn't seen the funny John Edwards video yet, so I'm providing a link to it here.

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