Early-Shirley Morning Blog

If I could save thyme in a bottle

I'd sprinkle it into my stew ...

I'd add some potato and butternut squash,

Let it simmer, then share it with you ...

I've had these words in my head ALL MORNING. They are driving me bonkers. They're crowding out the hundred BOOYAHs that have been wedging themselves into my brain crevices like garlic cloves stuffed into the folds of a roasting pork.

Slinky brain. My head is full of slinkies this morning, thoughts going round and round on the slippery coils, and I really just wish the slinkies would spring and lets those thoughts free. I'm starting to get a headache.

It's because I haven't written in a few days. When I don't write, my head gets constipated with thoughts. So I really need to take the day off and just write a few dozen pages of riffraff. Get myself back on the bus.

No day off. I'm at work. I've been at work for nearly three hours now. Wanted to get here early-shirley so I could leave early-shirley.

OK, I'm ramblomizing.

Stop that.

I'm sad today 'cause I received sad news, and people I care about are grieving. I am grieving.

I'll blog more later, provided my head doesn't explode first.

Today I'm listening to ... believe it or not ... my beloved, bewigged, and bejowled one.


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